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Manitoba Marathon 2015

Authored by Josiphine, on Jun 19, 2015

Good Luck to all the 2015 Manitoba Marathon Participants!

The countdown is on! Rev it up!!

Good luck to all the participants of this year’s Manitoba Marathon!
We’re very excited to again be the official sponsor of the Half Marathon portion of the Manitoba Marathon-now our 11th year!!

In addition to being a sponsor we are also proud to be outfitting the volunteers and technical team, creating the participant T-shirts and of course the all important race medals! 

Since 1979 the Manitoba Marathon has raised over $5 million, and has kick started over 300 projects across Manitoba. Hundreds of Manitobans have been freed from institutional care, and welcomed back into their communities- All thanks to the Manitoba Marathon - to runners like you - and the work of organizations like the Association for Community Living-Manitoba.

Again, good luck and enjoy every sweaty minute of it! 



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