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The Toque eh? - Not Just For Winter Anymore!

Authored by Josiphine, on Oct 06, 2014

Surely, every Canadian child remembers listening to their nagging parents say every winter “Wear your toque! Do you know that you lose 75 percent of your body heat through your head?!” 

Well it turns out this is nothing but a big fat LIE!  Apparently, we lose heat through our head at the same rate as any other exposed body part! 

However, wearing a toque WILL make you look hip, stylish and downright awesome!
Now, this is the honest TRUTH!

Nowadays, toques are not only worn during the cold winter months, but all year long. They have become a staple in the wardrobe through all four seasons!  Yes, even in the summertime! They are a casual accessory and can be added to most any outfit.  

A street-style fashion revolution!!    

The style and design of toques has also evolved from the basic knit “beanie” style.  Toques now come in all sorts of prints, materials, styles, fits, so matching them to
the different outfits in your closet is easy.

Loose knit or tight knit, ribbed or not, with
ears flaps or without - pulled farther back
allows the back of the toque to slouch downwards.
Pulled down tight allows for an extra bit of
fabric to stand up high. Meanwhile,
pom poms are a welcome addition, which
add a bit of whimsy to the style.
Any color of the rainbow is an option.

Since making the shift to an exclusive winter wardrobe staple, to an all seasons accessory,
toques make a great promotional item – your logo will get exposure all year long!

Now go get your toque on!

Check out our great selection here!

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